InstantSearch Android 1.0.0 Release

Hello World, InstantSearch Android just reached the V1.0.0 milestone! :tada:

This release includes new features, bug fixes and many improvements:

  • Refinement Events to which you can react
  • Finer interfaces to avoid boilerplate in your widgets
  • Synced widgets when they affect the same facet
  • Typed search results to improve your development experience
  • Various improvements to existing widgets

…and a lot more :wink:

If you were using InstantSearch V0.8.0 or earlier, just follow the Migration notes and you’ll be ready for V1!

Don’t hesitate to share your project in #show-tell, we are eager to see what you can build with InstantSearch Android :rocket:


This is great! Really exciting to see the release hit 1.0.0 and looking forward to seeing the new features in action.

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Typed search results

That’s :ok_hand:

Major kudos @pln!

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