InstantSearch base results not being populated on Magento extension


We’re currently using the Magento 2 AlgoliaSearch for instant search on our product listing page (category view page) and have noticed some oddities that are preventing products on the page from being shown/loaded.

We’ve enabled instant search and selected the Replace Categories Page setting in order to let Algolia do it’s thing, insert the facet filters and such. When this is used we are told that there are no products (although products do show in the autocomplete search on the top toolbar).

There is a JS error in the console about there being no .columns selector so we changed that to .product-list which is a known element on the page to see if that made any difference, but that only removed the error and didn’t change any behavior.

When we unselected the Replace Categories Page option to see if the facet filters were still applied, the products re-appeared and the original Magento filters were shown (as expected).

It’s worth noting that we have customised our Product listing page somewhat but have not removed any blocks or changed any CSS classes.

Happy to provide more information where necesarry!

Regards, Todd.

Thanks for posting @todd.hainsworth, we’ll look into this and get back to you soon.

Note: I changed the category to Magento.

Thanks! I couldn’t find the Magento category, my bad! :smile:

Hi again! I was able to get it more or less working by removing everything in my product list template and have just an empty container with a class of columns. It’d be nice to be able to find a friendlier solution however.

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Glad you were able to get it working, but I could see the desire for a friendlier solution.

Thoughts @jan.petr?

Hello @todd.hainsworth,

would you mind sharing with me the live website where I could investigate the issue?
Ideally with your “normal” templates.

Thank you!

Hi Jan!

Thanks for your reply! I’ll have a chat with my PM today about how we can provide this to you as we’re currently in the prerelease stages.


Hi again @jan.petr

Would a screensharing session be beneficial? We’re happy to get a staging environment setup but it might not be for some time.


I am having same issue. I have .columns DOM selector and can see it is hiding my search results from the page but no products shown in the instant search results. It’s all empty. I can see products in algolia admin area though. Not sure what to do.

Please help.

Hi @sales5 ,

Can you share a link to the site where you are having the issue?