Instantsearch.css source

I was wondering if the source of instantsearch.css is available in github? Interested to know if it is built with css variables, preprocessor etc

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Hi Thomas,

The source code of this package is on a private repo on Github.
As a developer-focused, API product, Algolia is always trying to create the best developer experience. We really appreciate your interest.

I’ll forward your question to our instantsearch team.

Best regards.

Thanks Sophie for your response.
I am trying to re-use some InstantSearch styling/theming in web components (shadow DOM), if the team has suggestions?

We will also appreciate to have access to scss files e.g. to use only the useful styles

Hi @prestarocket & @thomas.vanier. The repository was closed source to make it easier to experiment when it was new and to potentially keep the covers over new features, but that of course no longer makes sense now. I’ve opened the source, and you can find it here:

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Thx @haroen you rock !

Thanks @haroen, much appreciated!