InstantSearch doesn't fetch updated data of hits

Hi Algolia Team,

When client updates hits data, the update gets reflected on Algolia dashboard. However, when I console log on my react app, returned hits data remains the same as before. How can I refresh data from algolia? I want to get refreshed data as component mounts without the necessity of refreshing application. I am using react-instantsearch-dom Hits widgets.


Hi @dev17,

Have you seen our documentation on how to refresh the cache on action triggered by the user?

Hi @ajay.david, I can’t seem to find any documentation for this that don’t require us to use the InstantSearch component. This page feels like the closest I can find, do you have any recommendations?

@hi1 If you use the JavaScript API client, you can directly use the clearCache method:

const client = algoliasearch('latency', '6be0576ff61c053d5f9a3225e2a90f76');

// After an action: