Instantsearch: Hide results count in filters

Hi there,

What is the best way to hide results counts for filters ?

Here in red:

I guess that we should use css but I couldn’t find an exemple.

Thank you,


Hi @vincent,

If you’re using InstantSearch.js you could just use css and have a display:none on the classname .ais-refinement-list--count.

You can find the classnames with the debug console of your navigator or on the documentation (viewHtml).

Does this help?

Hi Marie Laure,

It will work ! I was wondering if it was possible to do it using components props but I will manage to do what I want using css.


Hey @vincent, just by curiosity, are you using instantsearch.js or react-instantsearch?

Hi Marie Laure,
I use react-instantsearch :slight_smile: