InstantSearch iOS Numeric Range Iteractor/Connector not refreshing when searcher search changed

Hey developers ! I am encountering a problem I cannot solve and don’t understand why!

So here it is:

For a marketplace type application on iOS, I am adding functionalities such as selectable segment (gender), hierarchical categories, dynamic facets and a Range Slider for the price. I also have a search bar for searching.
Works well for all EXCEPT the Range Slider. When a initial search is done, the right values are found. But after, if I am doing another search with a different text, the range does not change!! When the first search is done, the OnBoundsComputed from my numericRangeInteraxctor observer is well called but after it is not called anymore.

it is to be noted that moving the slider actually add the price filter, so there is a connection working but not an update on the bounds when a new search is done.

I have this numericRangeInteractor that I connected to my FilterState and searcher, and finally my controller (NumericRangeController)
For info I have connector my Numeric Range Interactor this following way take the traditional RangeSlider as my slider.

numericRangeInteractor.connectFilterState(self.searchModel.filterState, attribute: "price", operator: .and)
numericRangeInteractor.connectSearcher(self.searchModel.searcher, attribute: "price")

Any idea? I tested everything.
Thanks !!!