InstantSearch is not working with Laravel + Vue


When I implemented instant search into my Laravel Blade.
It prompts me the JavaScript error below.

Uncaught TypeError: It looks like you forgot to wrap your Algolia search component 
            "<ais-input>" inside of an "<ais-index>" component. You can also pass a 
            search store as a prop to your component.
    at VueComponent.default$1$$1

This is my code.

<div id="user">
    <ais-index app-id="{{ config('') }}"
               api-key="{{ env('ALGOLIA_SEARCH') }}"
        <ais-input placeholder="Search contacts..."></ais-input>

I don’t see any issue with my code and I wrap them nicely.


Just to check if it’s really a bug we have, or something else;

  1. did you import ais-index and ais-input correctly?
  2. what’s the value of the app-id and api-key you’re passing (you could echo them)