Instantsearch issues

Hey ,
i’m trying to build an instantsearch and autocomplete with algolia with my laravel projet, and when i run npm run watch i get this warning :
WARNING in ./node_modules/vue-instantsearch/dist/vue-instantsearch.esm.js
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘vue-server-renderer/basic’ in ‘C:\laragon\www\ShutterStockAR\node_modules\vue-instantsearch\dist’
@ ./node_modules/vue-instantsearch/dist/vue-instantsearch.esm.js
@ ./resources/js/app.js
@ multi ./resources/js/app.js ./resources/sass/app.scss

I’ve followed the instruction from this page

Can you share your app.js here please?

Hey @julienbourdeau ,

I had to remove everything, and start from the begin thanks.

If anyone had the same issue as me, you can try to run

npm install vue-server-renderer vue-router express webpack-merge --save

it should fix the issue :slight_smile: