[instantsearch.js] 1.11 release 🎉

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated instantsearch.js (the vanilla JS version of InstantSearch) to 1.11!! In this version, you’ll find:

  • a new widget: infinite hits let you create a list of results with a load more button. This was a long time request and it’s finally there!
  • improvements in the analytics widget: a new option let you send the initial search to your analytics platform
  • a new options to customize the JS client: you can now provide a JS Client constructor to instantsearch, it’s called createAlgoliaClient and you can find it here.

Thanks @jan.petr @olance and @julien.paroche for these new contributions :slight_smile:

Talk to you soon about the next release :wink:


Hi there!

Since the release we’ve been pretty active releasing a few patches. Here is the list of fixes that you can find in the latest 1.11.4:

  • (infinite-hits): disable load more button when no more pages
  • (searchBox): avoid unwanted cursor jumps on hashchange
  • (Slider): display disabled slider when min === max
  • (autoHideContainer): dont prevent render with shouldComponentUpdate
  • (star-rating): make max value inclusive

I would love to take this occasion to introduce you to our newest internal contributor Maxime J. aka @iam4x , who did three of those fixes :tada:


New release here!! Let me introduce 1.11.5. This release fixes a few documentation typos and also a bug with searchOnEnterKeyPressOnly.

As always, it’s available on Npm and jsDeliver.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Even with the beta of the v2 going on, we’re still working on fixing issues in the v1 \o/

We’ve just released 1.11.12, with those main changes since the last update:

  • sffv: disable sffv input when few facet values FIX #2111 (1e33c10), closes #2111
  • sffv: add class for disabled state at the form level (#2122) (029fa5f)
  • url-sync: set firstRender to be class attribute (22dbaeb)
  • sffv: when using a large limit, retain the search (#2163) (3d95d4c), closes #2156

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out the v2 beta :slight_smile:

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So as you’ve seen we continued to make updates, but if you’re using the jsDelivr CDN you might not have seen any differences lately. This is because jsDelivr is moving to a new way to fetch and distribute the new versions of the packages and the old one has been frozen (in the case of InstantSearch.js it is blocked with 1.11.7.

In order to have the latest version, you should use the new NPM based URL:

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