InstantSearch.js 2.2 is out now!

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to announce you that we’ve just released 2.2.0 of InstantSearch.js. :dancing_men: :dancing_women:

This new versions brings some very welcome addition to the project:

  • a new widget: the menu-select which display filters in a dropdown menu
  • the analytics widget can now also push the current page with the pushPagination option.
  • the hitsPerPageSelector widget now accepts a default value. This can be specified at the value level

The full changelog can be seen here.

In this release, we’ve had contributions from many developpers, and I’d like to thank them a lot: @ronan.levesque @samuel.vaillant @iam4x @jan.petr Good job :tada:

And as always, if you’re building something cool with InstantSearch.js we’d like to hear about it (and spread the word :wink: )

Happy coding everyone :nerd_face: