InstantSearch.js 2.3

Hello everybody :wave:,

We’re very proud to announce you today the release of InstantSearch.js 2.3 (actually 2.3.1) :rocket:. This release is a pretty cool one with new widgets and features. And for the first time, this release also contains an experimental feature.

For the new widgets, we now have a breadcrumb (to visualize the path of hierarchical refinements) and a rangeInput (to set a range of numerical values using inputs).

This release also adds some network latency feedback to the user, with a loading indicator. The range is now rounded based on the precision and the refinement list can escape the facet values when using search for facet values.

Last but not least, this release adds a dynamic API to add and remove widgets. This is considered an experimental feature, for the moment.

If you want to learn more about this new version, have a look at the changelog.

Thanks a lot for using InstantSearch.js and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve built something cool with it :heart: