InstantSearch.js 2.7 is out ⚡️ - can I haz URLz edition 😸

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

It’s been out for a week now but we’re very very excited by this new release.

This new version comes with two new features:

  • a new system for synchronizing the search with the URL
  • a new connector for the configure widget to ease the configuration of the search (for parameters that don’t rely on a widget)

So with this version we’ve decided to deprecate the urlSync, in favor the new routing option. This has two main differences compared to urlSync:

  • it relies on the widgets to create what will go in the URL, instead of just serializing the search parameters
  • it has a modular and programmatic interface

You can see it in action on the searchstone app that @kevin.granger did. And to learn more about it you can have a look at our brand new guide about routing and URLs. If you are still using the URLSync, the option is still available for now.

You can see the complete changelog here.

Like always, don’t hesitate to show us the cool stuff you’ve build with InstantSearch.js :smiley: