InstantSearch.js 2.8 ⚡️🔍

Hi there,

For this month release, we’re super thrilled to introduce you to two new features:

The searchClient is a new option that you can use to provide your own instance of a search client. We’ve extracted the minimal interface that is required to implement your own. With the help of our new guide, you can learn how to use both Algolia from the backend and still benefit from InstantSearch.js. You will also learn how you can compose and enrich your search data.

With the autocomplete connector you will be able to pick your favorite autocomplete library and build the perfect dropdown experience for your website.

In this release, we also introduce a guide that describes all the changes that you can do in order to prepare the update to the future v3 of InstantSearch.js (no release date planned yet)

This release has been made possible by @iam4x and @francoischalifour :tada:

We hope that you will be as excited as we are with those features. And don’t forget to ping us if you’ve built anything with our libraries :slight_smile: