Instantsearch.js@3 - How to dynamically hide/show a filter widget

We are hoping to experiment with dynamically displayed filters.
We are using instantsearch.js@3.5.3

We are a furniture website and so when the category filter value is “Sideboards” we’d like to display our “Number of doors” filter.
But if you go to “Tables” we do not want to display “Number of doors”.

Visible example from Wayfair - filters are duvet specific - filter - filters are light specific

Is it possible to do this kind of thing with Algolia and if so is there recommended way?

Potential ways we’ve thought of

  1. Can we hide a widget if there are no results for that filter?

  2. Could we dynamically hide/show a filter widget based on the value of another filter? What would be best way to do this?

Hi @kevin5, Yes, you should be able to do all these things with Algolia. I believe your best approach would be to use rules. However, be aware that rules are not available on all plans. You can check our pricing page to see which plans allow for rules. Also, some of the things you mentioned may require some customization in your code to get them to work as expected, such as dynamically showing/hiding a filter widget based on the value of another filter and hiding a widget if there are no results.

For the dynamic filters, this documentation may be helpful.

This documentation about customizing existing widgets may also be helpful to help you understand what is possible.