InstantSearch.js CDN failing

I cant use the instantSearch.js cdn. The error that I am getting is that “failed to find a valid digest in the integrity attribute for resource”. Am i doing something wrong? thank you

Sounds like a SHA mismatch. How are you building your client? Is it possible old SHA values are being cached somewhere? Maybe in an obj or bin directory somewhere?

I never changed the SHA values for it to pull old values. I just copied the exact script tags from the installation guide. I have tried ripping our everything about my app and just doing a index.html file and app.js file and opening that index.html in the browser but it still wont work. I am not using a build tool

@chuck.meyer I get the same message. All I have done is tried to follow the instructions here: How to install InstantSearch.js | Algolia

Copy then paste into a docsify template. So running locally.