Instantsearch.js from throwing SyntaxError

Okay, this is kind of awkward.

We are using Algolia per Shopify Integration on our store. The instantsearch.js the integration is loading from, just threw a SyntaxError ("Unexpected end of input") for 15min+. This already happened last night for a while, but was working again in between. What gives?


Also I can not send a support form at as it is throwing an error on it’s own.


Sorry to hear about your issue. There were similar problems in the past, so we added a warning in our documentation as we are not managing jsdelivr ourselves:

We recommend using jsDelivr only for prototyping, not for production applications. Whenever possible, you should host your assets yourself or use a premium CDN service. jsDelivr is a free service and isn’t operated by Algolia, so we won’t be able to provide support if it fails.

Seeing you may want to contact jsdelivr if you want to continue using their service.

Hey Marc,

thanks for your reply and explanation, that makes sense.

While I think we could do this, all Algolia relevant code is injected by the Shopify integration on installation. Having it work out of the box just like that was a very nice user experience… Maybe you could nudge one of the guys and gals responsible for the integration towards this thread? Since Matthieu handed it over, I don’t have a direct contact anymore.


This deffinitively makes sense! I’ve forwarded this to the Shopify team.

Hi @uschtrinw,

We choose to not rely to JsDelivr anymore especially because of sensitive period of the year like black friday. We want our customers to have the safest and fastest way of providing search for Shopify this is why we choose to have you hosted your own assets. You can find here on our documentation a migration guide. Does that answer your questions ?