InstantSearch.js v2 - beta

Hi everyone,

Today we’re super proud to announce you the release of the first public beta of InstantSearch.js v2.

InstantSearch.js was first released in november 2015 and since then we only move incrementally. With this new version, we try to answer a few key issues that we identified over the last 18 months:

  • The inability to completly control the DOM while re-using the business logic of the widgets
  • The lack of detailed documentation with guides
  • The build size

To address these, we have:

  • Implemented a new API similar to the react-instantsearch connector API, encapsulating the logic on its own
  • Built a new documentation website with an organization based on our newest releases like instantsearch-android
  • Dropped the support for react templates, which removes the requirement of shiping a build with react. We are now only providing a build based on Preact (implementation detail).

We are also bringing along this new release a few key fixes and changes. All the details are summarized in the brand new migration guide.

This new release is in beta, this means that even though we’re pretty confident about it we can’t recommend you to go in production with it. However we’d be really happy if you could use it and give us your feedbacks, be it on the documentation or the new changes that we bring.

Here are some things that could help us :+1:

  • Upgrade one of your demo / implementation and let us if the migration guide is missing some elements.
  • try the connectors and let us know if the documentation is clear enough.
  • try the getting started, and let us know if things are unclear or too detailed.

If you find anything, don’t hesitate to post on this thread, on the feedback forum or on github.

We can’t wait to hear from you all :heart:

PS: to jump in right away, you can as always use jsDeliver (css) or use npm with the beta tag: npm install instantsearch.js@beta


Hey, I spotted some broken links on this page: (they point to /connectors.html)

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Thanks @hans :heart:

Also, in these examples infiniteHits / hits I think you should remove the hitsPerPage option. I did not find the branch where this documentation lives, but if you give me the link I can make PRs :slight_smile:

Thanks for proposing your help. The v2 lives for now in and the documentation content is in the docgen folder. You can run the local version using yarn run dev

Let me know if you need a hand :slight_smile:

Thanks! Here you go:

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Hi everybody,

The waiting is coming to an end: we just published the first Release Candidate of InstantSearch.js v2. If everything goes well, we plan to release the final version next week.

You can get the new version on NPM and jsDelivr.

I’ll keep you updated!

Happy hacking!