InstantSearch.js v4 beta 0 is released! 🚀

Hello everyone,

It’s clearly beta season, because after releasing React InstantSearch in beta last week, we are now releasing a beta of InstantSearch.js v4 (4.0.0-beta.0). This release is also focused on bundle size, but more importantly on federated search.

We now have a new API for multi-index (federated search). There’s now a new “index” widget, which itself can have more widgets added to it. Refinements will travel down the tree of widgets, unless there’s a widget of the same type and attribute. In that case the widget lowest in the tree will override the value set by a lower widget.

Bundle size should now also be much smaller. The impact can be up to 50% if tree-shaking is used correctly, and you don’t use lodash in any other part of your website.

A migration guide can be found here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for any issues or feedback you have while migrating to this next version. We hope you like it!

Try it out now:

yarn add instantsearch.js@beta