Instantsearch.js v4 helper.on('result') event

I am upgrading to Instantsearch v4 from v2, and one piece of functionality that I’ve noticed does not work anymore is search.helper.on(‘result’). This event does not trigger in the example below (app.js line 45). I have not been able to track down any references to this in the upgrade guide or anywhere else. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Hi @adam.tsai Could you explain what you are trying to achieve with search.heler.on(‘result’) event?

There could be other ways to do the same.

If you want to control search you can use searchFunction

Hi @harshmaur We are using the search.helper.on(‘result’) event to manipulate elements in the UI based on whether or not the search produces results. Is there a way to listen for results within the searchFunction without using the helper.on(‘result’) event? Also, does this event just not work anymore in v4? That is not documented anywhere that I can find. Thanks!

Hi @ops incase you want to manipulate the Ui when there are no results. why don’t you use the Hits widget for that?

You can specify the UI you want when there are no results.

Thanks @harshmaur I will give that a try. But do you know if the search.helper.on(‘result’) functionality just no longer works in v4? It would be a good thing to know moving forward.

I haven’t found docs covering the api so maybe it was removed. I had implemented instantsearch v2 4 years ago and I do not remember using it.
So the answer is no.