InstantSearch v2 adding widget filtering out results

Hi I’m trying to migrate from instantsearch v1 to v2. With v1, it displays all the objects in the index by default (see code below). After moving to v2, it no longer displays all the objects whenever there’s any type of filter widget. Only when i remove the widget it displays all the objects by default. Any idea what’s going on? Is this by design

const search = instantsearch({
    appId: algolia_app_id,
    apiKey: algolia_admin_key,
    indexName: algolia_index,
    routing: true,

        container: '#filter',
        attributeName: 'test',
        collapsible: { collapsed: false },
        min: 0,
        max: 36,
        step: 1,


Hi @dan3,

In InstantSearch v1 the min an max of the RangeSlider are not applied on the initial request. The refinement is applied only when the user move the handles. But in the v2 when min or max are provided they are applied to the initial request. In your case it means that you will always have a set of results between 0 - 36.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have questions.

@samuel.vaillant is there a way to configure it to the same behavior as v1 where it shows everything by default unless the user explicitly applies a filter?