InstantSearch v4 initialUistate with nested attribute error

Hi I am trying to set initialUIstate for a widget that uses a nested attribute (
initialUiState: { widgetNamewithPanel: { ['example'], }, },

Doing so, introduces a syntax error:
SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘.’. Expected a ‘:’ following the property name ‘taxonomies’.

Is it not possible to use a nested attribute name with a dot in it? Is there a workaround?

Hi there,

Did you try to add quote / double quote characters around your ?


Yes, that is working. But I also had to change the widgetNamewithPanel part to refinementList:
initialUiState: { refinementList: { '': ['example'], }, },

I am setting up the widgets with panels, so my understanding was to use the panel constants, but that was misconception.