Instantsearch with Angular 1.5

Hi, We currently working on integrate instantsearch.js with our project e-commerce, We currently using Angular 1.5 component base structure. I try to install via npm and import instantsearch.js but its not working.

version 2.1.1
var instantsearch = require(‘instantsearch.js’);

error : Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./dist-es6-module/lib/InstantSearch.js’

Or anyone used to implement instantsearch with angular 1 please advise me


Hello @tech2

Indeed this is an issue on our side, I’m pushing a fix and releasing a new minor version. Thank’s for the issue report.

I’ll answer to this topic as soon as the new version is released on npm.

Again, really sorry about to this.


Hi again @tech2,

I’ve released a new version v2.1.2 with the fix, can you try again?

Also we released a guide on how to integrate with Angular2, I know it’s not the same version and a lot of things have changed but it might help you with the implementation.

Feel free to reach us back when ever you need.
Thank you, Maxime.

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