Instantsearch with Multiple Indices and Multiple Pagination Widgets

Hi, I have implemented instantsearch.js with multiple indices, and multiple stats/pagination widgets. Everything seems to be working correctly except for the pagination widgets.

Here is a codepen

If you search for ‘martin’ and then click the Stories tab, you can see the results and that the pagination is working. If you now click the Collections tab, you can see that the pagination widget has the correct number of pages based on how many results were returned according to the stats widget, but then you click to go to page 2, you are just scrolled to the top of the page and it doesn’t load the page 2 data.

This is what I looked at to create this page:

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m pretty stuck here

Is this a bug maybe? It’s strange to me that when you click the pagination, it seems to be getting the click event because it knows to scroll up the page, but it doesn’t actually switch the data for the page that you clicked on

No one has any idea how to implement multiple pagination widgets?

I put this into a JS Fiddle hoping that it’s easier to read:

Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. Anyway, here is the answer for anyone who gets stuck on this same problem