Integers not being passed from Google Firestore to Algolia

Edit: No sooner then after I posted this the issue resolved.

Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone has seen this issue before.

Developing an iOS mobile app in Swift 4. Currently using Google Firestore as my database in conjunction with the iOS-InstantSearch product.

Using Google Cloud functions, I’m pushing data over via new record writes and my data is actually syncing and being indexed over to Algolia upon each new record creation. However I have fields in my records that are numbers(int) and that data never makes it to Algolia. Algolia shows zero for those specific fields. So if in Firestore my field says 5, Algolia ends up with 0. Strings seem to pass over with no problem though.

Is there something I’m missing? Appreciate any help.


Was it solved in the end ?
Let us know :slight_smile:

Hey, yeah it cleared up on it’s own. Everything is working well.