Internet of Things TechLunch - Recap

Hi everyone,

Here is a recap of today’s TechLunch about Internet of Things. We were approximately 60 people.

Talks & videos

You can find the videos of the speakers on our Youtube channel and below.

Dustin Coates - Alexa, show me a voice UX

Gabor Pop - Overview of IoT technologies with focus on Low Power Wide Area networks

Jean-Philippe Encausse - From IoT (Internet of Things) to NUI (Native User Interface)

Social Media

There were a few Tweets from the attendees, here is a selection:

Plus this feedback on


Big congrats to Guy for being this TechLunch’s host. He was a great speaker (thanks to the Public Speaking Session?) - very clear and convincing. Kuddos! :studio_microphone:

A huge thanks to Dustin who gave a talk about Alexa & voice UI. What you should know is he flew from NYC this night and arrived at 7am in Paris, to give a talk at noon. That’s definitely #Grit :muscle:

And thanks to Atanas & Raphael D. for welcoming the attendees downstairs. #Care


Next TechLunch

Next month’s TechLunch is about Security and it will take place on June 28th. We’ll have a talk by Antoine Cardon!

Thank you for reading so far,