Introducing InstantSearch Android

Since early 2016, we’ve been working on InstantSearch Android: a library of building blocks and tools which will enable you to build the best instant-search experiences on Android faster than with the current API Client.

This library contains helpers to make it easier for you to implement some best practices like infinite scroll or results highlighting, and gives you plug-and-play widgets to setup a search box, a list of results or facet refinements in no time!

Interested? Head directly to the project on GitHub, where you’ll find the instructions to get started with InstantSearch Android!

If you are using the library, or want to see a new feature, post here on the forum to let us know. Don’t forget to add the tags instantsearch and android to your post :slight_smile:


Importantly, it’s Bieber-compatible, at least according to this GIF in the README. Thanks for posting @pln!

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All our libs are Bieber compatible actually. This is the first spec that is implemented! :blush:

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