Introducing the new Algolia Search Bundle for Symfony

Symfony is releasing a new major version today (4.0), along with the new LTS version (3.4). In the meantime, we’re introducing a new major version of our existing Symfony bundle.

Key features

The main reason we wanted to create a new version was to create a better developer experience. You can now define a simple yaml file to configure which entity get indexed in which index and you’re done.

  • Simple: You can get started with only 5 lines of YAML
  • Extensible: It let’s you easily replace services by implementing Interfaces
  • Standard: It leverages Normalizers to convert entities for indexing
  • Dev-friendly: It lets you disable HTTP calls easily (while running tests for examples)
  • Futur-ready: It let’s you unsubscribe from doctrine events easily to use a messaging/queue system.


This new package is compatibly with both 3.4 and 4.0 version (and will be with all future version).

If your app is running on 2.8 or a 3.x, you use our previous version of the bundle on the 2.x branch.

What about the 2.x version

If you already use our bundle in version 2, you can continue to do so. It will be maintained until the 2.8 LTS branch is officially abandoned (November 2018).

The upgrade guide will be published in the repository. The main thing is that you will need to convert your annotations and custom methods into a Normalizer.

You can also expect a new patch release with some bug fixes soon.

NOTE: The GitHub repo was renamed but it’s the same as before.

One more thing: it’s Search Engine-agnostic

While rewriting it, I thought it would be great for the community if anyone could use this package with another search engine.

There is a driver for Algolia, that ships with the bundle, but you can write your own: to better match your business case or to use another search engine.

Feel free to create many new drivers and publish them on Packagist. :tada:

What’s next?

Feel free to open issues on GitHub if you want to share something. Any feedback is more that welcome.