Introducing, An Windsurfing Marketplace

Hello, Algolia Community

I’m very exciting to introducing you a digital product that we are building on top of Algolia.

It’s called, a windsurfing marketplace to find good deals.

First of all, we decide built this product becase we are windsurfing lovers.

Windsurfing is a very passionate water sport where the equipment is very specific per each rider. It depends of your skills, but also of your body complexion.

If you want to have the right equipment, you need to invest a lof of time surfing internet, where are the good deals.

We decide create something smart: Instead of query all the page manually, we can do it programatically Then, we can extract the right information per each product, like category, size, condition, and more specific gear information.

After that, it’s the moment of using Algolia powers for indexing the content and make extremely easy filter data in real time based on the customer preferences.

Another thing that is very powerful is the possibility to sort the results applying different criteria. Because we have a high market vision we can do a price analyze of the market and assign, per each product, a numeric score. Then we sort the results based on this value and the results is that we have the right deals as first results.

On top of that we built a mobile interface using react-instantsearch.

I want to say thanks all the people working at react instantsearch proyect. They were very friendly helping us resolve issues quickling and doing quick win for our application features (like infinite scroll, tags filtering or single product view). We wrote a little more about that in our blog.

We are very happy with the results and we are thinking in the next feature, like price alarm, where we send a notification to the user when we detected new content based on the user preferences.

I hope write another great post like this soon, until then keep pushing in the right direction :muscle:.


Wow! It’s great to see the new improvements you’ve made! Congrats on the fantastic implementation and the most excellent mobile version. I’m a huge fan of the infinite scrolling - such a great UX feature.

Hi @josefrancisco.verdu glad you see your product come out. Congratulations :tada: :tada: :champagne: