Invalid Application-ID or API key, not able to fix


I have searched and read the articles and related issues.

I have setup places application and imported records. The demo UI is working fine as expected.

I created a code where I want to use it

<input type="search" id="address-input" placeholder="Where are we going?" />

  var placesAutocomplete = places({
    appId: 'YWA???????',
    apiKey: '6f4218d0aaa915e8b???????????????',
    container: document.querySelector('#address-input')

I am getting the following error

    "message": "Invalid Application-ID or API key",
    "status": 403

I have checked multiple time but information is correct

Application ID
This is your unique application identifier. It’s used to identify you when using Algolia’s API.

Search-Only API Key
This is the public API key to use in your frontend code. This key is only usable for search queries and sending data to the Insights API.

Hello! Places has been sunsetted (retired) on 5/31/22 and this is most likely due to that. Perhaps someone can add more if they know better - I’d appreciate it!

You can read more about it in our blog here: Sunsetting our Places feature - Algolia Blog | Algolia Blog