Invalid Application-ID or API key, not able to fix


I have searched and read the articles and related issues.

I have setup places application and imported records. The demo UI is working fine as expected.

I created a code where I want to use it

<input type="search" id="address-input" placeholder="Where are we going?" />

  var placesAutocomplete = places({
    appId: 'YWA???????',
    apiKey: '6f4218d0aaa915e8b???????????????',
    container: document.querySelector('#address-input')

I am getting the following error

    "message": "Invalid Application-ID or API key",
    "status": 403

I have checked multiple time but information is correct

Application ID
This is your unique application identifier. It’s used to identify you when using Algolia’s API.

Search-Only API Key
This is the public API key to use in your frontend code. This key is only usable for search queries and sending data to the Insights API.

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Hello! Places has been sunsetted (retired) on 5/31/22 and this is most likely due to that. Perhaps someone can add more if they know better - I’d appreciate it!

You can read more about it in our blog here: Sunsetting our Places feature - Algolia Blog | Algolia Blog

Hi how did you solve it finally? I met the same issue with you .