Invalid Logo URL Algolia WooCommerce


Algolia WooCommerce dashboard, the logo has invalid url for sub directory sites. It’s relative to the top level domain.

We can replace the following in includes/admin/views/header.php

<img src="/wp-content/plugins/algoliasearch-woocommerce/assets/img/algolia-logo.png">


<img src="<?php echo ALGOLIA_WOOCOMMERCE_URL; ?>/assets/img/algolia-logo.png">

And also, why WooCommerce admin dashboard looks so fancy? :slight_smile:

IMO the UI looks good but it just does not fit well with WordPress dashboard appearance (looks like iframe, linked to third party app). We can simplify it like WooCommerce setting tabs.
I know there are other important things to improve rather than this but just a feedback about dashboard design. (we can discuss this later)


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Hi @rahilwazir,

Thanks a lot for such a detailed bug report!

I just made sure our 2 admin images are now relative to the plugin’s directory URL.

Yes :wink: it is an attempt to make it more user friendly. That being said I agree that it is kind of fancy and I appreciate your honest feedback here.

In the future, we’ll make sure to unify the WordPress / WooCommerce plugin admin interface based on the experience we gained by implementing 2 radically different designs.

IMHO the truth lies just between the very simple native default WordPress layout, and the fancy one we did for WooCommerce.

Thanks again for your continued support across our different Betas @rahilwazir!