IOS Bug with InstantSearch | Shopify plugin

When clicking on a result on IOS for the instantsearch it presses the menu button under the results instead of the result itself.

Plugin is version 1.29.0 and the theme I am using is Supply.

Hi @pc1

Could you provide the URL of the site ? So I try to open it and may be help you.

From what I understand, it might be just a CSS issue to solve and doesn’t seem related to instantsearch js specifically.

Thanks :wink:

Hi @pc1

I had a quick look and didn’t find any quick win unfortunately. Doesn’t seems to be iOS related as I can reproduce it on a chrome browser.

Not sure it’s due to CSS has it seems that the input is completed with the full product name before switching URL and I’ve got the impression that is was working fine on some conditions.

If I were you, I’d decompose the JS queue, run some tests with some fake content and see where it goes wrong… or wait for someone more competent / with more tim than me !

Thank you for taking a look at it for me.
I can only reproduce the bug on IOS.

Hopefully someone can help we fix it so I don’t end up paying for nothing.

Hi @paulc . I’m Matthieu, the main engineer on our Shopify integration. I’ve been on holidays for the last week, hence my answer coming only now.
While I’ll disagree on your “for nothing”, I definitely agree on the fact that this issue is frustrating and definitely not what you want to provide to your users.

I’ve been trying to get the ins and outs of this for some weeks now, since this materializes differently between every theme.
It seems like everything is working fine on your website though.
Did you change anything for it to work?
Are you still seeing this?

Also, something that would definitely help would be if you could send a zip file of your theme to , with a link to this thread. :slight_smile:

I ended up changing my theme since Erin basically said pay $3600 and we will look at it.

There was a small mixup there, that I’m sure we can clarify.

For Shopify questions, as the main developer of our integration, I’m the main go to person today.
People paying for the extension support will indeed:

  • get the priority for answers
  • get more detailled answers to front-end code modification questions
  • can ask their questions via email

However, this doesn’t mean that we’re forgetting people on discourse.
It has actually more value for us than email support because here other people can find directly an answer to a question which was already asked whereas email questions knowledge often gets lost.

The only reason why you didn’t get an answer from me in 9 days is simply because I was on holidays last week. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to investigate this with your old theme. I’m trying to get this issue solved for every single user, and we’re slowly getting there.

Also, something that would definitely help would be if you could send a zip file of your theme to , with a link to this thread. :slight_smile: