Irgnore Special Characters in results

I have Product Names which contain a ® sign in the middle, e.g. NiceProduct®A and NiceProduct®B. The problem about this is that users usually just search for “NiceProduct A”. Currently this does not yield any results. The onlyway I can get a result is by “NiceProductA” as it is treated as a typo then. So far I couldn’t figure out how to basically treat the ® as a space.

Hi @development4,

Thanks for contacting Algolia. At times you’ll need to enrich/change your data model, that is what we are experiencing in your case.

I suggest adding an alt_name attribute (or any name you want to call it) that has a version of your product name without the special characters. For example:

    "name": "NiceProduct®A",
    "alt_name": "NiceProductA"

This will allow both searches of “NiceProduct A” and “NiceProductA” to hit results.