Irrelevant Results - Not sure of the fix?


I have a site with a search run by Algolia. I am recently experiencing an issue where I am getting too many unrelated results and an issue where the results that best meet the spirit of the query are ranked lower than the unrelated results. The query is for “The Red Shirt” a promotional product on the site, but it is bringing up some not really related content.

See the 2nd result, an unrelated item where it seems like there is lots of space in between the matching words:

The main page for the promotional item (where that exact query is in the title) is the 11th result:

I am trying to figure out why items that have the words “red” and “shirt” not close together are ranking higher than the exact term in the title, especially given that I have the title as a higher searchable attribute. See below my searchable attributes and ranking criteria:

Let me know if you have any thoughts. I have read a lot of the documentation but can’t figure out if there is something I am not understanding about multi-word queries.

All the best,


Hey @zac.smuckerbryan

If “The Red Shirt” is a promotional product, have you considered using rules for Merchandising and Promoting Items to promote the item to the top of the list for a given query?

Thanks - that is a good suggestion, though our current account doesn’t have Rules. The product itself is purchased via a separate site (our store) but this page is outlining some of the basics of the product and what it does (it is on a University Alumni site and the shirt purchases are a fundraiser for scholarships). All that to say, I am trying to see if I can fix it without rules.