Is Algolia for iOS and Android offline capable?

What sorts of offline-capability does Algolia for iOS and Android have? Does it queue writes when there is no connectivity and automatically retry when connectivity returns? Does it read from a local cache when there is no connectivity?

Since this question is obviously being ignored, I’ll assume the answer is no to everything. I’ll also assume that when offline mode was deprecated in the iOS client, they removed offline mode altogether.

Hi @botfantasies,

Unfortunately, the offline SDK has been discontinued. The only thing that we document at the moment is how to mitigate slow connections with a loading indicator. You can find more information about that in the documentation.

I’ll ask the mobile teams if they have plans/recommendations for offline/cache strategy.

Hope that helps!

Hi @botfantasies,

As Algolia is a fully hosted search service, we currently do not offer an offline version.
Nevertheless, both iOS and Android clients support the HTTP caching implemented on the network layer.
Regarding the low-connectivity management, the mobile API clients implement the retry strategy that relaunches the requests failed due to network errors with increasing timeout between each attempt.

I hope this answers your question