Is Full Text Search Possible With Algolia?

Is it possible to do full text search that does work for infix/suffix matching? Just read this link: Querying in the Middle of a Word | How to | Managing Results | Guide | Algolia Documentation and it seems that it is not possible with algolia, but just wanted to check and see if it’s possible, or if any alternatives could be recommended. Thanks!

Prefix-driven search is in Algolia’s design and part of why our instant search can be so fast (lots of juciy details in this blog. As we say in the page you linked to, " Partial matching can be dangerous for relevance because they create noise ."

Without knowing your use case, there are a couple of tricks baked into our tokenization strategy that may get you “close enough” with full text search including decompounding and normalization. Check out this page for some ideas in this space:

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