Is indic-language search support algolia?

Is indic-language search support algolia?
languages like sanskrit, tamil, hindi, etc,.

Hi @sight.expert2,

Thanks for contacting Algolia about support for indic-languages!

Algolia supports all Unicode characters, so we like to consider that we support all languages out-of-the-box, but in a language-agnostic way.

However, some languages will have limitations in their handling. For example, the lack of spaces will affect performance, and there will also be no “ignorePlurals” feature or “removeStopWords” feature.

Although, we do have specific handling of certain Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), we have not tackled all the limitations specific to other non-Latin languages.

Have you tried uploading a sample set of data to your index and testing the results?

Let us know how it goes!

Yes, I have tried. i have uploaded the sample index with hindi ,sanskrit etc.
But the search is not working. for these words