Is it possible to add custom functions (similar to Firebase cloud) in Algolia? Mapping words of a sentence

For example, I have a thousand indices under a record, say, posts, each of which are an object. They have a key, say, "text", and the value is a String.

Is it possible to break that string into words and map them? For example, if the first object under posts has "text" : "It is hot" and the second object in the indice has "text" : "It was hot".

What I need is create another record say "words", by a function which will break the "text" into words, and map them, hence have a common mapped record for all the objects. That is, increment value when the word exist in "words" record, and if it doesn’t, create it with the value 1.

For example, initially words will be empty. As the first object is indexed into "posts", "words" should have:
"It" : "1" "is" : "1" "hot" : "1"

After the second object is indexed, "words" should have:
"It" : "2" "is" : "1" "hot" : "2" "was" : "1"

I could not find anything relevant in docs.


What you describe, from what I understand, is doable but I suppose only on your side. Algolia doesn’t provide an “automatic word-counting” feature if I may say.

As your use-case seems unusual, if you need help with your implementation, I would suggest you to contact us via to better address your needs.

Edit: If you can, would you mind sharing your use-case on this thread, so that maybe we can discuss it and help you find a good implementation.

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