Is it possible to combine facet values into one checkbox in the react instantsearch RefinementList widget?

According to the way that I represent data in the algolia datastore, I want to retrieve values for a specific skill, paired with the level of that skill. For example, someone will have Java listed in their list of skills, with a level of 3. When I make a refinementList widget, I want to have Java as the facet, so that checking it will pull up everyone who knows Java from my datastore. instead, it will pull up the skill levels instead. So for example, the facet values for the Java skill will actually be values 2 and 3, in order to search for individuals who have a skill level of 2 with Java and a skil llevel of 3 with Java. Is there a way for me to combine all of these facets into one facet on the UI? I can’t figure out a way to change the way it is displayed on the algolia dashboard backend without changing the way my data is represented in my firebase database.

It might help to see how my data is represented in the datastore currently:


I am not sure to fully understand. You would like to refined by skills? But right now it is pulling by skill level instead. Is it correct? In case it’s not could you give us a bit more context about your use case to help us better understand the issue.