Is it possible to keep an index within EU borders?

We have a potential EU client who requires all data to be stored within EU.

Is it possible to specify that an index stay within EU borders? (Or, is this perhaps already the case as Algolia is a French company?)

Hello @cmcgrath

If I believe this page from FAQ :

When you create your account, you can pick which region you want to use. Also, you can use our DSN feature to distribute your search engine in multiple regions, and decrease the latency for your audience in different parts of the world.

For EU :

  • Europe (France): four different datacenters in Roubaix, two different datacenters in Strasbourg and one datacenter in Gravelines.
  • Europe (Netherlands): four different datacenters around Amsterdam
  • Europe (Germany): seven different datacenters in Falkenstein and one datacenter in Frankfurt (two independent Autonomous Systems)

DSN is an add-on in paid plan thought.

I didn’t find how to change location after opening the account but I’d be surprise it’s not possible at all. Someone from Algolia will probably complete this answer but at least you know it’s possible :wink:

Hope this helps :wink:

When you create your application in one of the European regions (France, Germany), your data will stay in Europe, including backups. The only part of the data that will go to the US are the analytics data (user queries) about the usage that are currently processed in the US and in Canada.

Does it create a problem for you?

@pierre.aurele.martin @adam.surak This is great, thanks guys. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find that FAQ page on my own. :thinking: