Is it possible to merge two "fields" and show one in results?


We have wordpress site that is using Algolia as a search. And I have two challenges:

1: How can I retrieve custom fields for a certain custom post type, they don’t get indexed by Algolia now.
2. I wish to merge a certain custom field with posttitle and show this as a result.

To make it more clear this is a product page about a smoke detector. At this moment ‘Multisensormelder hitte & koolmonoxide’ (the title) is getting indexed. The label in the left corner ‘Ei3028’ is a custom field (it is not getting indexed), is there a easy guide (other than the documentation) how to do this? The custom post type is getting indexed, in this case ‘wp_posts_products’.

Once I have the label, for instance: ‘Ei3028’ indexed I have second challenge: When people search for smoke detector they will see the title, but not the label. So if they search for ei3016 or smoke detector the result will be the title '‘Multisensormelder hitte & koolmonoxide’ but I want the response (only within the search) to be ‘Label + Title’ so the response would be ‘Ei3028 Multisensormelder hitte & koolmonoxide’.

Is there an easy way of doing this?

Is there anyone who can answer my question? :neutral_face: