Is it possible to search without refine the result wall?

I have a certain use case where I have an infinite scroll of post that I can filter by Topics and order by Date or Most Liked.
In the future I’ll have a search bar to allow search for posts.
But for now it’s only the list of post that I can filter and order by.

I was thinking that I could build my wall with filters and sorting options by using InstantSearch.
But, I’m not sure that when I would add the search feature I would be able to do the behavior that I want.

For example, when a user filter the main wall and sort, and then start a search I don’t want that the wall refine by what the user start to type. I would like something like an autocomplete and the if he hit “enter” or the search button, the he is redirected to a result page where all the refine could happen.

The more I dive into algolia, the more I think I shouldn’t be using the index to create my main wall. And start using Algolia only when I would have a search bar and build my result page with it.

Could you help me to wrap my mind around this use case please :blush:
Thank you !

Hi @alexandre.fremont,

Welcome to the Algolia community!

If I understand correctly, you could use the instantsearch searchbar with the autocomplete separately from your search results list. In other words, have two different search clients (they could be on the same index). One search client could be for the autocomplete and one could be for the wall. You can have several search instances on the same page.

You could then filter on your main search instance for the page, but use the second search instance for the autocomplete and the results search results when hit enter. This may take some customization to make them work exactly like you want, but this should give you a starting point?