Is it possible to update the Algolia index automatically from a static site?

I’m thinking about a .json file with a Schedule for example. Or every time I deploy a new commit on Netlify.

I saw that I can use an API but I’m not sure if I need a server working for that. My site is just on netlify and only client side.


Many customers add index updates as a build step when generating their static content (depending on your build process and platform of choice).

Another option is to use the Netlify integration to crawl your website:

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Could you give me more info or a place to start reading about the first topic?

It depends on your framework, but here’s an example of integrating an indexing step for a React static build:

Yes, it is possible to update an Algolia index automatically from a static site using Algolia’s API.

First, you will need to set up a webhook that triggers when your static site updates. This webhook can be set up using a service like Zapier, IFTTT, or GitHub Actions.

Next, you will need to use Algolia’s API to update the index with the new data. You can do this by sending a POST request to Algolia’s API endpoint with the new data. You will need to provide your Algolia API key, application ID, and index name in the request.