Is it possible to use Algolia instantsearch to render a social media news feed?


I’ve tried to build a news feed for a social media app using Algolia, where ais-instantsearch is used to display the posts from users that you are following, and it works pretty well, but I’m unsure if it’s really practical due to the high volume of database reads it involves and the associated cost. Are there any other services recommended for news feeds? Is there an argument for using Algolia for this, or does it only make sense to use it to support search?


Hi @omdal007,

Thanks for contacting Algolia. We are proud of our product, but indeed depending on your needs there may be other products to better suit your needs. Algolia does make a network request for each key-stroke. If this is not something that your plan budget can handle currently you may need to rethink your use of Algolia.

I am not too sure of other options. However, please do keep us in mind for any future search needs you may have.