Is it safe to set 'search API key' like this in Front End?

I am a new comer, to be honest I little bit confused to read documentation about Algolia API key. so I am not sure whether it is safe or not.

so I make an API key like the image below. this API key will be hard coded as the default value in my Android app, before eventually it will be replaced by another API key after period of time from the backend.

is it safe if the configuration like this hard coded in Android app ? this is just more strict ‘search only API key’ pre generated by Algolia right?


In our guide regarding API Keys, we recommend the following:

Mobile : you should never hard-code the API key in your mobile application. Instead, it’s recommended to fetch the API key from your back-end with only the necessary authorization. A secured API key is therefore a good choice for a scalable implementation.

To clarify: you should generate from your back-end a secured API Key from your SearchOnly API Key with the strict minimum permissions required for the application. This Key should be fetched by the front-end and then being used to search.

Hope this helps.