Is there a naming convention to be followed while naming the fields in Algolia?

I have indexed data in Algolia and there were facet names that had comma (,). So when I configured that field in algolia (with ,) as facets, Algolia gave an error. So I knew that , is not allowed in a facet name. But I have not really come across any documentation which mentions what all are the permissible characters in the field name. So now I am facing this error that my facets (which have space among the words, for eg: Low Temperature, High temperature, etc…) are not working when I use numeric filters.
Hence, I wanted to know if all this is available in any documentation.


I’m not seeing anything in the documentation either. I’ve reached out internally to see if I can find any details.

Hi @chuck.meyer ,
Please let me know if you were able to get any information on this.

Thanks in advance

Facet names should be alphanumeric strings and should not contain special characters. Algolia treats spaces in facet names as separate words, which can cause issues with numeric filters. To resolve this, you can use underscores or hyphens instead of spaces or concatenate the words without spaces.

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