Is there a way to set refinementList check?

Lets say that I have a button that shows search page filtered by specified facet
(using search.helper.addDisjunctiveFacetRefinement )

The search works as intended and the results are what they should be but I have a widget (instantsearch.widgets.refinementList) and the item does not get checked. (Even tho search is filtered by it)

My question is -> is there a way to manually check a position in refinementList ?


I am not sure about the current behavior, do you have a staging environment hosted somewhere we could look at ?

let me know,

Unfortunetly I have no way to show it.


Could you copy/paste the code snippet of the way you build your refinement list ? Even better, a fiddle for us to test :slight_smile:

Let me know

Thank you for your help but I was able to find the issue on my own :slight_smile:

can you post your solution?