Is there a way to set time between the searches?

Im using Angular 12 and I was wondering if theres a way to trigger the search request after 1 second, per example, instead of each character writen. Is this possible?

Hi @racheloh532

There are some tips on implementing debouncing in the documentation:


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Yes, it is possible to delay the triggering of a search request in Angular 12 by implementing a delay or debounce mechanism. This ensures that the search request is not sent immediately after each character is typed, but rather after a specified delay once the user has finished typing.

Timeout Approach: If you are not using Reactive Forms and want to trigger the search on an event (e.g., an input’s keyup event), you can utilize the setTimeout function to delay the search request. Here’s an example:

searchTerm: string = ‘’;

onKeyUp() {
setTimeout(() => {
// Perform your search request here using the ‘searchTerm’ value
}, 1000); // Delay search request by 1 second (1000 milliseconds)