Is there a way to use CVR as a ranking/sorting attribute?

Hi, I’m working on a way to make the products feed list in my app to be more appealing and one of my ideas was to use the CVR + created timestamp as ranking/sorting attributes, so to make new products that are selling well, sell even better.
But looking at the configuration options that I can find in the dashboard, doesn’t seems to have a way to do this, I’m missing something? Is there a way to do what I’m looking for?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Jonathan,

You can absolutely do this as long as you are injecting those values into your records. You’ll want to make sure the values are stored as integers to allows for sorting/ranking, particularly you’ll want to make sure the created timestamp is in Unix format:

Then just set these as ranking criteria in your index configuration – either in the main index or a replica.

Additionally, if you are sending conversion data to Algolia, you could use our Trends models in Recommend to surface even more dynamic listings of your most popular products: