Is there any way in Algolia to increase the search rather than refine?

We are looking to provide inspiration to our users. They provide a search but also keywords and I have seen faceting and filtering but they seem to refine the results and not expand the results. We currently don’t have too many results so for example: the user searches for “bike” and selects “new” keyword. We always want to return 20 results but only have 10 results for new bikes so it would be good to show the next 10 even if they are old bikes?

The goal, of course is to provide the customer with the exact thing they want – in this case, I’m not sure showing “old” bikes when they have explicitly asked for “new” bikes may erode trust.

That being said, if the goal is simply to show the customer more choices, you could consider setting some of the filters as optional filters. From the docs:

For example, if someone searches for “hungry” and clicks the “deliver quickly” facet, you may interpret this as them looking for restaurants that can deliver as soon as possible. Yet, you wouldn’t necessarily want to filter out other restaurants, especially if most of them can’t deliver right away. You can achieve this with Algolia’s optionalFilters feature.