Is there any way to change the attribute for distinct on query time?

I know the interface is pretty clear about the attribute for distinct not being changeable on query time, but I was hoping there would still be some way to do this, it would really help me. Thanks.

Hello Jasper,

As you’ve read it already, setting the attribute for distinct must be done at indexing time, it cannot be defined or overridden at query time.

Would you mind sharing your use case? Maybe I can help you find a way to accomplish what you want.

Best regards,


Hi Sarah,

Yes of course. I’m currently disabling distinct when the user selects the second layer of a hierarchical facet, so that when that with that when the user has made no selection in that facet, there are for example less variations of drinks showing, and when the facet “gifts > drinks” is active, a lot of drinks show. However I’d
rather be able to change the distinct from “group name” to “product name”, as this would dedupe some productnames.